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The Prima PRO - Next-Generation Process Mass Spectrometer

online gas analysis, process analytical technology (PAT),

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has announced the Thermo Scientific Prima PRO, a next-generation process mass spectrometer for online gas analysis in biotechnology applications. The Prima PRO is designed to accurately track process dynamics, provide comprehensive data for advanced control models and maintain an unmatched 99.7 percent uptime.

The Prima PRO is ideal in a range of biotechnology applications and is equipped to significantly increase productivity by enabling up to 60 fermentors and bioreactors to be monitored with a single analyzer. The online, real-time benefits of the Prima PRO give customers the ability to track batch progress, identify contamination before inoculation and maximize viable cell mass. Not only does the Prima PRO provide rapid, lab-quality gas analysis without compromising sterility, it cuts maintenance requirements in half and eliminates the need for special training.

“The Prima PRO applies process analytical technology (PAT) to deliver an impressive quality of gas stream measurement and the ability to better control and optimize complex, manufacturing processes,” said Pete Traynor, product manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “It’s a major advancement in online process gas analysis for the biotechnology industry and helps bring products to market faster, increase yields and enhance profits for a rapid return on investment.”

Unlike other process mass spectrometers on the market, the Prima PRO uses a true stand-alone industrial processor that offers the highest level of performance. It provides a higher resolution for a number of biotechnology process variables, leading to better monitoring, enhanced control strategies and ideal operating procedures. With a long maintenance interval, three year warranty and Direct Service Centers in the US, UK and China, the product can be maintained with little effort, ultimately cutting down man hours and lowering the overall cost of ownership. The Prima PRO is highly versatile and can be used in conjunction with the Thermo Scientific bioprocess production (BPP) single-use bioreactors and growth medium.

Sobre esta empresa:
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in serving science, enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With annual revenues of $10 billion, we have more than 30,000 employees and serve over 350,000 customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as environmental and industrial process control settings.  
Informações sobre a empresa:
nome da empresa: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
endereço: 81 Wyman Street
cidade: Waltham
província: MA
ZIP: 02454
país: U.S.A.
número de telefone: +1-781-6221000
FAX: +1-781-6221207
Nota: As marcas, nome do produto, número de produtos mencionados neste contexto, todos os direitos autorais pertencem à empresa.
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